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Since 1961 we have acquired many loyal customers, some of which we have worked with for over 30 years. Here are just a few of our most recent and current projects:

carillon asu lubbock county jail dps alamo draft house all sainst UMC East Tower

Carillon Assisted Living

UMC East Tower

San Angelo State University

All-Saints New High School

Alamo Draft House

Lubbock County Jail

Lubbock DPS Regional Office

Covenant Medical Center


University Medical Center


Chevron Office Complex, Midland TX

New-Valet-Covenant-Medical-Center MOP-East-Entry SouthPlainsMall_Logo_Blk

University Medical Center MOP II

SPM Fire Alarm Replacement

UMC-Data-Center JACC-Artist-Rendering

UMC Data Center

Joe Arrington Cancer Center

United Super markets United Super markets

United Supermarket 4th & Milwaukee

United Supermarket Indiana & 1585

4ORE Golf 50 yard line

50 Yard Line

4ORE! Golf Complex

Trust Point

Trustpoint Hospital

HF_logo Lubbock EOC

Lubbock Emergency Operations Center

Hampton Farms